Ko Hine Au Series


Ko Hine Au is a series of transformative workshops for girls and young women.

Warrior Princess Workshops create a safe space for girls and young women to learn about themselves and tap into their potential. To gain assertive control over their decision making and develop social skills to enable them to speak their truth, confidently.

We use journaling exercises, story telling (legends of Aotearoa), taonga tākaro (traditional Māori games) and other fun activities to build on participants rangatiratanga (sovereignty) mana (power), internal dialogue and self esteem.

Workshops are available for different age groups with a range of topics including; social skills, healthy relationships, mindfulness, positive affirmations and goal setting, Ikura (menstruation) and sexual health, Drug and Alcohol education as well as grief.

This year we are excited to present the ‘Ko Hine Au’ series of workshops in the South Canterbury region!

Hine Ora is a 10 week school based programme. Formulated under Matua Mason Durie’s Te Whare Tapa Wha framework, Hine Ora encourages participants to learn about the 4 areas of their wellbeing; Taha Tinana (physical health), Taha Hinengaro (mental/emotional health), Taha Wairua (spiritual health) and Taha Whānau (relationships).

Hine Ora uses story telling (legends of Aotearoa), taonga tākaro (traditional Māori games), journalling exercises and mindfulness to promote leadership, peer support, social skills, aroha (love) and manaaki (support), confidence, self esteem and rangatiratanga (soverenity).


Hine Marama is a 2-3 hour workshop that invites pre pubescent girls and their female caregivers to celebrate and learn about the sacred rite of passage of getting your period. During a Hine Marama workshop a local health nurse will present on the physical changes our body goes through during this special time. There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

We will explore traditional Māori practices surrounding Ikura (menstruation) as well as how other women around the world celebrate and manage their period. Participants will be gifted a beautiful goodie bag too! To ensure they feel more prepared for when their Te Awa Atua (period) comes.
Tuhinga means ‘writing’ therefore Hine Tuhinga is a workshop related to writing in the feminie essence and the true essence of who I am.

Hine Tuhinga participants will learn practical ways journaling can be used as a tool in everyday life, whether it be; to set goals, manifest their dreams or to process emotional situations. Hine Tuhinga also encourages participants to create personalised affirmations to promote self esteem and confidence. There will be craft supplies available to allow participants to get creative.
The next Hine Tuhinga workshop will be run Timaru, South Canterbury August 2020, dates to be released soon!


Hine Ngākau focuses on all types of grief, change and loss. This workshop encourages participants to explore feelings relating to death of loved ones, change and loss (like moving house and/or towns, changing schools, separation of caregivers etc). Hine Ngākau looks at the stages we go through when grieving by using the atua (Māori gods) as personifications of emotions. Hine Ngākau creates a safe environment where participants can share their experiences.
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